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Financial department issue

Hello. I have a big issue that I can t seem to get any help from the romanian financial department whitch is the worst here on booking with terrible support. I submited 4 disputes for chargable cancelations for a total of 60 euros on my reservations. I explained very well that those clients booked the appartment and canceled after without making any payment and without getting in contact with me, as there can be seen on all the reservations. No confirmation for payment has been received since all the clients have to make a deposit in my account when they make a reservation and no proof of that is on each reservation discussions. I got a reply that the "reason for denial" was that I didn t submit a request in 48 hours after the check out date. Since all the reservations were canceled, there was no check out date and no way to submit that request. More, other reservations were made on those dates, also I paid comission for those reservations. After I explained in a mail, they sent me another e mail telling me that I have to mark the credit card invalid. But also I can not debit a credit card!! No one pays thru credit card and every client gets an automatic message from my property as soon as they make a reservation where they can find my bank account, revoult payment or paypal payment. So there is no credit card payment. I paid more that 1000 euros comission to booking for the month or July and I find this a huge problem for my current situation. From my understanding, from now on I will have to pay comission for EVERY canceled reservation even if the client did not pay me because booking says so!??!? So, let s say that next month I will have 50 canceled reservations with no deposit paid by the client. What happens next? I need someone to look into this and someone from financial romanian department must answer for this because I am sure no one even looked into the reservations to deal with the dispute. I am a booking partner for 6 years and spent about 5000 euros every year for comission. This is a terrible way from booking to manage a partner.

Sheena Laird 1 year ago

I have been having the same problem.  I have emailed and phoned constantly and had no reply from finance department.   I have not been paid since opening although say they are processing my payments on line.

Their customer services are absolutely shocking.

William Dennett 1 year ago

The same - contact Finance they say, then the route all the mail to the trash I reckon