First guest coming. Not sure what to charge

I am totally new at booking.com and am receiving my first guest tomorrow and am confused as to what to charge. The Reservation Details shows 

Total price US$151.20

Commissionable amount: US$120

Commission: US$18

The numbers don't add up and I don't know if Booking.com already charged some or part of the fees to the customer.

Thanks for your help



Hi Victor


If you have not enabled Payments By Booking; Prepay in Policies, then by default its collect on arrival. 151.20


Check Extranet > finance > Getting Paid.

See what options you can turn on but for this booking it will have to be pay on arrival and then you use the bank info under Overview to pay the fees to BdC.


Kind Regards


PS: Also link your profile to your profile so we can see it please.



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