First time booking issues

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Lazaros Bachtsevanos owner of  the AMMOS SEAFRONT BEACH HOTEL in Nea Plagia, Chalkidiki Greece. My company reference for booking is ***

It is the first time I cooperate with Booking and I have the following 3 issues that I would like to discuss with you.

1)      The first day I entered my hotel in the booking system by mistake I declared wrong availability dates. Immediately I had the following booking *** which I can not accept since I have no room availability for that dates.  The same day I realized the mistake and I communicated with one of your colleagues on the phone and we corrected the dates on the system. I was advised to send an e-mail to the above guest which I immediately did, apologizing for the mistake and explaining my incapacity to give them an apartment at the requested dates. However I had no reply from them and I am afraid that it is still a valid booking. Could you please check for me and advise how to proceed?

2)      Finally please advise how final payment is being made. Do guests pay direct to you or to my hotel? If they pay you how do you transfer these amounts to my bank?

Awaiting your reply on the above remarks

Best Regards

Lazaros Bachtsevanos