fraud booking

What is the best way to report/reduce fraud bookings?  I currently have a booking for Feb for one month totaling $13,000  , The customer is form congo and I am in Canada.  Are they just checking credit card numbers?  What is the purpose behind this scam?  How do I report it to booking.com  or cancel it?  It was charged on booking.com system, is there a way to change it so i can process the payment directly?


The best way (for new future bookings): - To activate "Payments by Booking.com" if available in your country - Activate Online Payments by Booking.com - VCC (you charge Booking's virtual credit card) but you need a POS machine or a third party that offers this service.  If this is not an option for you, I would defenitly mark in extranet under policies, that you require a deposit after the booking is made. You send your bank details and a deadline to the guest. If he doesn't make a deposit or doesn't respond, in extranet you can make a report (request to cancel -> payment not received), and if the guest doesn't respond in 24h you are able to cancel their booking with just one click in extranet.