fraud dept contact

how can i contact the fraud department

Aaltje B.

BDC has a special group that forms the fraud department. If you look for home and contact and phone them , they will forward you.

If too busy on the phone, try to go to the Extranet , then Inbox, then tell them your question and send it.

The team should get back to you. Give them your full name and name of property / number of property too to get quick reply.

Good luck!


Aaltje B.

Aaltje B.

Hi Info, I will try to explain:

Go to the page for Booking.com where you see the name of your property and your number.

scroll down, all the way to bottom of page

there you see tab with Help Centre

Click on that

Go to the Extranet tap Login there

Within the extranet you can choose from many different topics to choose from. Best for now is : INBOX click on it and choose second option

You can write your story in the open space, and ask them what is their contact number to your country to call about fraud. They will forward you to the right answer.

There is also a contact tab.

Hope this helps,


Aaltje B.


Yes as i have discovered all of the messages sent via xtranet are screened by the local managers then either reacted to or redirected to the relevant department

so all of my messages sent via xtranet are not getting to the relevant dept because the local manager is filtering them out

hence the reason i was looking for a direct email or phone number i could call