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fraudulent reviews

Dear all  

Continued  to link  down  and answer by laura  , 


i got same mail   , and also get  the number of booking  they  link  to " fraudulent reviews"

i have answer with a full  info and support doc  !!, and kind remind then few time and no one  answer! .

i have call few time and answer i get  is  "fraud dep will  came back to you "  

for 3 weeks   they dont .

if  booking  blame me in that   , the minimum is   to replay .....

the funny  is  all same client that  came over and over again  and was happy 

and  booking  blaming  me  in  fraudulent reviews

i   could make it   his  booking  direct   but i     honest i keep all his booking to make over   the platform and i get   in return  blaming in  fraudulent reviews  ....sad very sad .

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Hi Vipseaview

Something is wrong here!

Is your client placing the reviews himself or someone else?

And keep asking the help team / inbox questions via extranet.

You work hard and Bookingdc does benefit from your hard work since you pay commissions.

Don't give up.

Keep hosting and enjoy the good people.

Unfortunately bad reviews can't be taken away and take two years to completely disappear , but fraud department can explain to you what you can report.

All the best.


Aaltje B.

Vipseaview 3 years ago

still no replay from them .... i left again message at agent in call center .

he said " fraudulent reviews " team will call you back they work on that ....

amazing they blame get all what they ask and ignore .... if some one at booking read this will be happy to get help .

Dushyant Dwibedy 2 years ago

I got the same situation that my hotel was closed due to fraud review while we are totally confident to affirm that all of our review are accurate and objective. Despite we contacted Bcom many times but they refused to disclosure specific booking/ situation that relate to their conclusion. Could you please advise me what should I do to save our account? We can't survive during the Covid outbreak without selling any room. Thank you.

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Aaltje B. 2 years ago

Sorry to hear . 

Try to call or send message via the extranet. Try your desktop computer  not cellphone. 

If need be    

Start a totally new account under different name . A lot of work .

But maybe the only option .

You could write in your photo  : experienced host 

Hope this helps. 

Forget the dramas and start again. 

Greetings from NZ 

In total lockdown tonight 

All guest cancelled .


Aaltje B