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Fraudulent Transaction

Hi (Sherry H)

On the 15th Jan for 7 nights *********** stayed here. After the booking was taken on the same night and the credit card paid the accommodation off. 

********* advised that the card being used was her boss as she was here for work and that he could be contacted on a number she forwarded to us along with an email address.  We attempted to contact this gentleman ************. 

During her stay nothing was untoward until it came to check out time when the male friend took his time leaving.  He carried a large plastic box out of the unit and stored it in the garage out of sight.  The keys were not delivered back to reception so when I tried to charge the CC it was declined. The departed via the back door never to be seen again. 

I called the Police who picked up the box which was stolen in a burglary in Broadbeach 3 days prior.  ******** hadn’t been seen for some days however I did note that she placed one of our pillows in her blue mini.  They advised me that these people were known criminals. 

The Police called me and advised that the CC was stolen. We have had to change the lock to the unit. 

I want to pay this accommodation off to the owner is entitled to payment for the accommodation so what is going to do to compensate us and the owners. 

I spoke to a representative at on the phone and advised him about this and he was going to inform/escalate the inquiry to senior management but we haven’t heard back as yet. 

All of us as managers are increasingly being frustrated by incidents such as this.  Only Monday I cancelled a booking that was made under the name of ********** arrival was 29 Jan 4 nights. insisted that we take the booking however I knew that these people were criminals and they tried to check in afterhours on a CC that is more than likely stolen.  The Police later advised that they were on the lookout for them on other matters. 

What can you do as a company to prevent or protect us as accommodation providers from this? Do we change to VCC so Booking.Com carries all the risk and not us? This happens more than you think it just doesn’t get back to you we are getting increasingly annoyed with this and it rarely happens with any other accommodation companies. 

Your urgent answer is required? 

Kind regards 

Gerard & Shirley Wilkinson


Portobello Resort Apartments



Dear Portobello Resort Apartments, 

Thank you for working with 

We’re writing to you about reservation ******************************************, check-in date 2018-01-15. 

I have received your email regarding the compensation you requested, please use the extranet and click on financial and send your request through that, as we as reservation department can't do anything about this issue. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Kind regards,

Sherry H. Customer Service Team


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Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles.

I won't pretend to be familiar with the procedures and channels one needs to go through with a query like this but I can suggest something to avoid situations like this in the future.

My advise would be to change your payment policies. No cash/card payments allowed at the property. A Prepayment of the Total amount must be paid before arrival and no refunds to be given. So that means when the client confirms their reservation, they have to upload a credit card. You process the card as soon as the grace peroid for free cancellation has passed (which you can choose yourself, mine is 4 hours.). There is also a pre-authorization option you can activate.

In your contract you will see Clause 2.7, the Accommodation shall upon receipt of a booking, promptly verify and pre-authorize the credit card. If the credit card offers no guarantee, the Accommodation will immediately notify, which subsequently invites the Guest to guarantee the booking in an alternative manner. If the guest is unable or unwilling to do this, may canel the booking upon request of the Accommodation.

That part is important because the part just after that states very clearly that it's your own responsibility to validate the credit cards and any risk will be carried by the Accommodation and not

Avoiding is better than dealing with after the fact.

Hope this helped a little bit, best of luck!

1 year ago

I have taken a deposit for 2 bookings in the last month that haven't recognised my business name on their cc so have put a fraudulent use against my name. The guest automatically gets refunded the full amount and I get over $30 worth of fees and a fraudulent use of a cc against my credit file rating. Nothing can be done to reverse this. Both times the guests have realised their mistake and spoken to the bank and nothing can be done to by the bank.There is actually nothing to stop anyone staying in your property for any length of time and then going to the bank and saying they don't recognise the business name and request a full refund which happens automatically with cc payments that are put through manually.

6 months ago