GOOD HEAVENS...I've just seen on my b.com web page that b.com put on it ...

quote...''FREE taxi from the airport on stays over 300 E''....end quote. 

I NEVER SAID THAT. What's that all about ?? Now guests think I'm paying for their taxi from the air port, that's going to cost me almost 200 Euros. I want it taken off ASAP, I'm very shocked and annoyed.

I've sent a message to b.com but has anyone else got it on their web page ?


Yes, I'm totally shocked.

Searching for the option to remove that from my page, but no luck so far.

And no information about that also.

Could somebody inform us about all this thing? I'm totally confused.

Thank you in advance


Ivana101....I sent a message to b.com about it and to be honest and fair, they were very quick to get back to me and they are looking into it. This is what they said...

''We have informed our specialists team about the text which appears on your page.
Situation is under investigation.
Please check your page in 24-48 H.
We apologies for the inconvenience''

But I think it should be resolved sooner rather than later because I'm not paying for anyone's taxi lol




I have since noticed all the Hotels and B&B's in my area also have it, so it has to be a mega typo on b.com's side. I just hope it's taken down from my page before a guest thinks I'm being over generous.

M Adamopoulou

Oh thats awful...

Thank you guys for informing us.

I just checked my property and nothing like that is showing. Can you please inform us where exactly is "free taxi" mentioned in the listing, in case I have missed it???

Thanks for feedback...


M Adamopoulou ....it was listed on top of your web page under your Business Name and address and it was written in green..

But it has since been removed...thankfully!

M Adamopoulou

-Ireland-B-B thank you very much for your immediate input.

Thank goodness it has been removed....So thumbs up for that....

Have a nice day...