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French tax de sejour collection

Looking for some help. 

My first guests come to my apartment (in France) next month. I have been listed with Airbnb for a few months now and they collect the tax de sejour and pay the relevant municipality for me automatically.

Can anyone help me to find out if this is possible through I've noticed when my first bookings have come in that it says I need to collect this - difficult as I'm in England. Is there something I've missed in the set-up?

Hoping for a solution to my question - thanks

The Railway Co…

Hi Sally,

I was looking for the same type of information as my local tax office keeps chasing me upon this. Since 2019, all online platforms have an obligation to declare it to the local authority.

I hope this helps, Fabien

Sally Martin

Thank you. I am aware of this obligation, just wanted to know how I can have take care of it in the same way that Airbnb do.

Martin Hudak

Yes, I have same problem as Sally. Did you find out how it works please?