Genius - maximum discount and dynamic pricing

In the Genius Hub, it talks about "maximum discount" in relation to the Dynamic Pricing feature, which we would like to use. However, how does booking.com calculate the "maximum discount" - the single basic Genius discount or the total of stacked discounts, for example, the basic discount plus early booker discount pluscountry discount? We have been caught out by stacked discounts in the past and really want to know what booking.com means by "maximum discount" in this context. Does anyone know?

Leandri Klopper

Hey there,

I don't have the facts on this, but knowing Booking.com it will still stack. So Maximum discount will probably mean the MAX on the Dynamic Pricing option, and it will stack with whatever promotions you are running.

If you find out for sure, don't you want to please let us know?

Keep well

Agoo Hostel

Leandri, Thanks for getting in touch. I'll definitely feed back once we know for certain. Helen