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Genius Week - BEWARE!

I had an email from saying they're doing something with the Genius thing.

Existing-Genius people (our potential guests) get upgraded to Genius level 2. All other users (potential guests) get the Genius discounts automatically.

We are included automatically, so therefore we'll be giving everyone a discount and we'll earn less, unless we opt out ....


Maarten 3 years ago


Is this only applicable if you are a property who has joined the genius program or also for properties not part of the genius program?




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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

The information provided by is vague - and knowing how operate, anything could happen - keep an eye on it!

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BrookAve 2 years ago

I saw this and joined it  but I also made a point of adjusting rates.

I did up a spreadsheet with several combinations to see the stacked discounts, commission, bank transfer fee and then whats left to be paid out.

That way there would be no surprises.