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get payment on paypal

Dear Booking .com

How can I regulate the payments to be received on my paypal account instead of the bank account because it is a big cost to receive money from abroad booking by booking for small amounts . I would like to collect the money and receive to my account in bigger amounts.

Community Admin

Hello Yannis Goletsas! Thank you for posting in the Community! We are sorry to inform that currently it is not possible to make payments to a Paypal account for you. Currently it is only possible to use a bank account in order to receive payments. Best regards!

Yannis Goletsas

Thanks for your answer! The next question is that can I regulate the payments to receive in bigger amounts? For example when my income became 500 euro than send me one payment, not boking by booking because the bank charge is 4 euro for every transaction even it is 50 or 500 euro. Waiting your answer!

Best regards