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Getting paid in cash - upon check in or departure of guests

Please can someone share some knowledge regarding when you usually charge the guest, if you only accept cash payment? I'd like to wait till before check out since I meet them in person to give and take the keys of the appartment I am renting out, but I'd feel more safe to cash at arrival. What would be a polite way to do this, and do you put it in the policies under a note /observation somewhere ? Thanks everyone in advance.

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BrookAve 2 years ago



I strongly recommend only prepayment.


either have take it, you directly using a virtual terminal from  or



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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Payments by is the best solution.

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Aaltje B. 2 years ago

IF it is possible in your country! Please dont forget to inform people about this. 

I am in New Zealand with eftpos machine to handle all payments: pre paid ,card on the spot , etc. I have the money on the day. No waiting games. 

Admin said  : in case of host having a payment machine we don't arrange prepayment for you ! Full stop. 


With cash or card pay after a stay, guest can easily drive away and not pay. 

Also it can create uncertainty with guests. 

And If guests have to leave early it's so easy: payment made at arrival . 

I would organise someone on your behalf who does arrange the welcome and payments if you cant be there .

And if possible in your country : yes prepaid is best. 

Last:  If you have a hotel there is nightstaff but that's another story. 

With technology fast changing I hope BDC have a separate column with updated financial explanation for all 600.000 plus hosts available. 

It is the greatest advanced modern method and also the most technically complex and sensitive one. 

Advice : keep your equipment and knowledge updated for the best results. 

If you would like clearity for guests: create template with your own wording when you want payment to be done if not arranged automatically. 

On my listing it says : no credit card needed.. one of these errors. Yes for some . Not all... 

Anyway Hope this is of help to you. 


Aaltje B 

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Thanks Aaltje for posting...

Payments is a very sensitive issue....hope "Payments by booking" would be possible in more countries...but then again some partners prefer to have their own control....

People are so difficult to please...



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Aaltje B. 2 years ago

Yes Maria, many different styles of hosting, many different ways of paying. 

I am glad I am not in the platform's shoes. 


Another thing I mentioned is: with cash payments, there is no proof of payment made. 



Aaltje B.