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Greek VAT says it's invalid

Hey there,


I recently received an email that asks me to enter my VAT.

When I do enter it, it says it's invalid - I've tried both WITH and WITHOUT the country code prefix (GR) and in both cases it says 

This VAT number is invalid.


even-though I know this is my real vat.


I don't own a company, I just rent my private property as an individual and I'm not sure what to do.

Any thoughts?



Villa LuxL

The country code prefix for Greek VAT numbers is EL but still we get a response that says it's invalid! Please this needs to be fixed. We do own a company and our VAT number checks as valid on VIES VAT number validation. We need the invoices to be issued to our VAT number. So please fix!

Illeana's Trad…

Same problem ! ELXXXXXXXXX   vat number,valid for eu transactions is not recognised by system

Theodoros Chri…

My VAT number is recognised as valid by VIES but not by Please fix the problem


Maria Apartments

Same here. Recognised as valid by the VIES system but not by  Please fix asap. 

Μπότση Παναγιώτα

I have the same problem, I don't have a company, I rent my house as a natural person and not as a company. Do I need to fill in my tax registration number?

Ioannis Kokkinidis

Can you stop saying I have the same problem? We all do it's not helping and it's just floating our inbox with useless notifications.


Hello everyone! Thanks for flagging this problem. From what I managed to find out, it looks like some partners are facing this kind of difficulty. The good thing is that the product team is fully aware of the problem, and that our partners mention it in the Partner Community. So right now the team is working on the ways to solve it. It will probably take time.

So please let me know in the comments if you still see this problem after a few days. 


Hey George SkiadopoulosAnna MatiouArchontiko Angelou, ΑΝΔΡΕΑΣ ΜΑΡΚΑΚΗΣ, ΕΝΟΙΚΙΑΖΟΜΕΝΟ ΕΠΙΠΛΩΜΕΝΟ ΔΙΑΜΕΡΙΣΜΑ ("LITTLE MIMOSA"), Christos Perdikologos, Saint Andrews BayIoannis KokkinidisΜπότση ΠαναγιώταMaria Apartmentsinfo@solonoscap.comTheodoros Christopoulos, DowntownhotelnafplioΣωτηρία ΘεοφανίδουΙωαννης ΚοκκοςIlleana's Traditional Cave House, Villa LuxL! The recent news I can share is that the developers team fixed the bug for the Greek market. And the product team is making sure our connection to VIES works smoothly. The final testing maybe will take a little more time.