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Guaranteed Reservations Issues

Is anybody else experiencing problems with guaranteed reservations?

We have been on the problem for a while and have had a few issues, however since December I have noticed that the payment side of things has changed for the worse.

When we now get a guaranteed reservation we are not able to access the card details until 4 days before arrival. The note on the Extranet from says

” Don't worry, your payment is guaranteed by”

However on the booking policy section is also says

 “If the guest cancels before x date ( which is 4 days before arrival), we'll find a replacement guest for the same dates. If we can't find a new guest, we'll pay for this reservation. After x date, guests will be responsible for paying for the reservation.”

Herein lies the problem. If the card details don’t go through 4 days before arrival you still have to set the status as card declined and then still give the guests 24 hours to provide new details. If no new card details are recieved then we have to cancel the booking but as its now just 3 days before arrival, will not pay and say the guest is responsible for the payment. If the guest doesn’t show then how do we get our money, its impossible.

So how can this be a guaranteed reservation, anybody know?

I have spoken to our account manager and also various people at and nobody has any idea.

Anybody able to enlighten me?



The other issue that the properties are advertised as "no prepayment needed". So we can't even take the payment 4 days before.