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Guest Asking for payment receipt for his office


My Guest is asking for the payment receipt for his office.

How i can give him the receipt?

I asked him to take that from

Can you help me ?


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BrookAve 2 years ago




1. Invoice template

Grab a invoice template from underneath or if you have OpenOffice or Microsoft Office,  they have invoice templates.


Tailor it based on the booking details.


Typically this is only for someone claiming for business expenses, so it won't be very often.

There are websites the specialise in this, such as


2. The partner provides invoice/receipt not


Literally that simple only you can provide the receipt invoice not BdC.

There's nothing to debate, it is what it is.



3. Use his contact info to get his email address to email it to.


When you make the invoice out to the guest, they may ask you to make it out to their company name, address, etc

They will provide that info.


Kind regards



anish tawat 2 years ago

I checked with and they mentioned that confirmation email does act as the invoice it has all the details, even I used the same when I traveled for business purposes.

Why should  I give the invoice, I am not running a hotel company and how I can provide an invoice for the commission taken by .


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BrookAve 2 years ago


No no no.

An OTA is only a booking agent on your behalf.


There is nothing to debate or wiggle out of , you just have to do it.


Literally as simple as I already mentioned :


  1. grab an invoice template vua google search
  2. stickyour property name and address on it
  3. under invoice number use the booking reservation number
  4. invoice date set as the date it was booked or any date prior to the check-in date.
  5. add the guest business name, their name and their business address if provided, if not use their address fro mthe booking info.
  6. add a line item "Reservation for JOhn DOe Date to date  Cost per night X, number of nights :Y, Total column x*y


you should get the idea from that.


Has nothing to do with whether or not your running a company you still have to do it.



Kind regards


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