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Guest asks for invoice. Should they ask from instead?

Guest asking for invoice, claiming he is a business traveller.

Actually , he stayed with family and kids, so it doesn't look like business travel, but in Poland a lot of people registered as private entrepreneurs, and have business tax number

There's two problems for me as a host:


1) I do not get payment from guest directly. It's handled by, and I'll receive money in next month

2) I can issue invoice only for amount which I received: minus 15% commission.

Indeed, customer would want to claim the whole amount paid.


If he is not satisfied, he can leave negative feedback. But he didn't tell in advance that he needs invoice. so I don't know what to do, to make all parties happy.




I used to have this problem too.
Firstly, I asked content team to add fine print that we won't issue invoice.
Secondly, I put sign at counter to show when guest check in that we'll provide invoice only direct booking guest. Booking through agencies, please contact your agencies.