Guest Cancelation

A guest keeps asking me to cancel the room but I never got the information. I can't give her a cancelation or ensure she was not charged because I have no information on her. Can I give her a number to call you?


You have posted this on the partner forum.  Looks like this is for a specific booking so you need to contact the help desk.  You can use the Inbox icon to email or look for a specific phone number for your area.  I am on the other side other world so my local number wouldn't be good and would probably incur charges.


If they can give you a booking number and you get zero results when you enter it into the search box on the extranet home page, then you dont need to contact BdC, and you simply say goodbye no such booking and hang up.



Emmy van Dantzig

A guest asks me to cancel the room because of Corona. It's a non-refundable booking. I want to give a part off the booking back. The tool I got was yes or no. No possibility to fill in an amount off money. Which tools do I have to use to orange this. Please explain very specific because on the side are so many possibilities that you easy get lost.




There is no such tool option.


Two things

1.temp update your cancelation policy to allow a % refund on nonrefundable.

2. message support the booking reference and say you agree to refund x% to the existing booking.


Kind Regards