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guest cancellation

Hi A guest has sent an email as they wish to cancel and for me to waiver the cancellation fee.  I am happy to do this due to travel restrictions in Scotland. However I am not sure how to do this.  Been looking but it has not helped.  if you could assist in step by step method please 


Also i tried calling with the numbers that i have and that i have looked up on line but none seem to work


joanne boyne 1 year ago

Hi i clicked the link to cancel the reservation and it said that it would send myself and the guest an email so as we can confirm to the cancellation.  I did this hours agao and still not got an email.

Is it right that they will send me an email?

will the guest that cancelled get an email?

I just want to make sure that the booking will be cancelled and that the guest will not be charged.

thank you for your help in advance

joanne boyne 1 year ago

I clicked the link to cancel the booking and i think it said that i would receive an email from to confirm but i have not received this yet

. i think it said that the guest would receive an email as well that they would have to confirm.  I have said this to the guest but not heard anything from them. I am right in this?

  Its just that the i want to ensure that the booking is cancelled as the guest may become rather annoyed and i really dont want this.

thanks for help

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Joanne I can understand your worries...

For reassurance you can always call your local BDC office.


Wish you well and gives us feedback is you can...

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi All 

So just a quick note  first : Never send a Guest a link from, please. As that is for Partners not guests.

Instead use the website and the FAQ link or CS link from it.



Method 1 : [Guest Initiates Cancellation Via ]


Remind Guest to use their own account on to Manage their booking and use the Cancel feature with in the booking itself.




Method 2 : [Guest notifies Partner of request to cancel // or Partner needs to Cancel on behalf of Guest // or Partner needs to cancel due to unexpected circumstances]  

  1. Open reservation details page  
  2. Right pane has options, if not greyed out** use Request Cancellation  
  3. Now you need to choose one of two options, in this case go with option 2.{this option also means you agree to full refund).  
  4. Now the BdC System notifies the Guest, Guest must click a link to confirm.  
  5. Once confirmed status will change to cancelled. If they PrePaid booking at checkout, the system will issue full refund.



Kind regards,

Be Safe, Be well