Guest cancelled because of the Corona virus and I want to give them refund


Guest *** *** booking number *** had to cancel their booking because of the Corona virus and I want to give them full refund. Can you please do that for me.

Best regards






Reminder do not post numbers as per the guidelines.


and this is Partner Hub not BdC support Hub, addressing only partners and the community team.


So the way this normally works is, if they booked and prepaid BdC at time of booking, and you received their request via the Extranet message system...


Then just open the reservation details page on right pane are options, including : Request to cancel.



Go ahead and do it and choose option 2. By you doing that it counts as and triggers action to waive penalties and 100% refund to guest.


The guest then instantly gets a message and must confirm via the link in the email.


Thats it, all done the guest just has to wait for BdC system to process it.


Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well.




Fjóla Ingveldu…

Thank you,

He canceled yesterday, I did not get their request, so I can not do anything I can't see Request to cancel. I wondered you could do this for me. 

Kind regards, Be safe and well.


that literally makes no logical sense.


only you can do it.


what do you mean ' he cancelled' by what exactly was done, if he only notified you yesterday and did nothing else, then either you are leaving out an important detail or being lazy.


when is the check in date?


if its last minute or the checkin date has past, then yes you have to message BdC support