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The guest cancelled their reservation the day they are supposed to arrive. Policy says, we can charge 100% of the reservation. We try and the credit card shows as invalid/declined.

The Apartment was blocked for other renters for a long time because of this reservation. What does as a partner has to say about situations like this?

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M Adamopoulou

Hello! D, maybe you should call your local BDC office and ask them.

Hope you get the right answer.

2 months ago

This sadly is a risk we all take with any booking , the best thing is if it is a Non Refundable booking from day 1 then charge the card the day you get the booking, if it is not a non refundable at that stage but is a large sum of money and blocking a lot of space during a busy time then preauthorise the card and add something to your terms and conditions shown online that you reserve the right to preauthorise the card .

One thing is that some less scrupulous people if they have booked an expensive stay and decide not to travel or find something cheaper will cancel their cards so you cannot charge, not everyone but some people do do such things wont do anything about it they deem the booking to be your responsibility the only time they contact or speak with hotels really is if guests complain or there are changes to a reservation that need to be confirmed by phone but they will not chase outstanding money from guests for you . So make sure you cancel the booking as a no show with so at least they will not charge you commission

1 month ago