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Guest cheats

Hello partners,

First, sorry if I make mistakes in English, I'm Spaniard. I wanted to ask you how you manage when a guest have booked you less nights than he really needs.

For example, a guest has booked my apartment from 7 to 11 September, but she told me she is arriving around 1:00 a.m. Her logic is "well, 1:00 am is 7 September, so I don't have to book from 6 September". I've realized somes people don't get they have to pay per night, not per day.

I informed her two days ago that she has to book from 6 September, but she didn't even answer me. What would you do? Is that enough to ask Booking to cancel her reservation?

Thank you in advance.


Isle of Wight …

Hi Adrian, your English is fine, so nothing to worry about!

In Property > Policies > Guest Information, we can set our Check-in and Check-out times. There is also a setting for "Want to know what time your guest will arrive?"

Ours are check in from 15.00 and check out by 10.00 - this gives us time to clean and prepare the property for the next guest. And yes, we want to know what time the guest expects to arrive.

Guests often request early check-in - when they set their arrival time, we get a message on BDC asking if it is ok to check-in at those times. When we click to reply, we get the option to accept free of charge or to say "subject to availability" or to charge the guests for early check-in.

Sometimes, guests enter 01.00 when they mean 13.00. I hope this is the case with your guest!




Hello Isle of Wight,

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I settled my check-in and check-out times, but 1:00 a.m. is not in the allowed time lapse. I think this is more than an early check-in because someone could book 6 September as she didn't book it. I could consider early check-in one or two hours before the official arrival time... Anyway, I know I can block it, but this is not the way in my opinion. I think if you need one more night you just have to pay for it, if a guest decides to arrive at 1:00 or 3:00 is not a hoster's business when it comes to reservation and payments.


Hola Adrian,

On the booking sites, BDC included, it clearly requires the guest to select number of nights, not days. The guest cannot claim ignorance.

You have already messaged the guest to explain and are therefore exempt of any blame.

When the guest arrives you just need to explain that they will have to pay the extra night to get in. We've had this many times and on finally meeting the guests it has always been obvious they were just trying to get a freebie. Late check outs are the same. For these we only allow, at our discretion, late check outs up to the last possible hour to get the room ready for a new guest. After that point a full extra night must be paid. We often waive this, however, for regular guests when we can.



Hotel Sofia

1. In every customer reservation via BDC, it's clearly mentioned the check in time & check out time, so convince the guest to have a look again, what is check in time.

2. in your position, I would contact hot line (BDC assistant call centre) and I would claim to contact the guest as well and explain him/her about check in time: since he did the reservation, he/she accepts terms and condition of your venue!




Thank you all for your responses. I've contacted Booking support by the extranet. I've decided to take this first step in order to have a written proof of the case as I don't want them to allegate that I didn't correctly explain the case by phone. They have not answered me for the time being. 

I will keep you informed.

Thank you again.