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What can I do if I do not notify in time, that my tenant never showed up, and they still Booking want to charge me for the reverberate days.
Thank you.

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Many threads on this.

You MUST mark the guest as "no show" in the system. If you are able to collect funds from a credit card mark the no show "do not waive charges" (BDC will charge commission as normal), if you cannot get paid by the no show guest mark the no show as "waive charges" (BDC will not charge commission).

9 months ago

Agree with above, you must mark as a 'no show' so that booking.com does not charge you.

I must say it was a shock to me when my first guest simply did not show up. I didn't realise people would be so rude. Apparently some people book a couple of different places so they have a choice. This is particularly difficult when you are a small business and don't do credit cards. These guests will not reply to emails so very frustrating when you try and point out how inconsiderate it is.

Booking.com recently started processing credit card payments here in New Zealand and since then this has not happened. I think being a 'cash' property opens you up to these type of people.

9 months ago

Hi Juanrwco

BDC works differently to other platforms and it takes a little time to understand their methods.

It may be to your advantage to request full payment before arrival and explaining that the reservation can be cancelled if you don't hear from guests beforehand.

It was on one of these Partner Forum chats that I read how important it is for hosts to communicate with guest as soon as they make a booking. Then request a pre-/part-payment by a specific date, providing your banking details. If the guest doesn't comply, call BDC to request that they cancel the reservation (hosts cannot cancel the reservation themselves). If you can prove that you've made reasonable effort to arrange matters with the guest, BDC seem to be willing to cancel the booking.

Make sure you always keep your calendar up to date and that you communicate with guests via BDC's platform, and don't accept another booking for the same dates as you will be penalized for overbooking.

All the best and happy hosting!

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South Africa

9 months ago

Thank you all!
Calling to the Booking center, my problem has been solved.

The truth is that, as I am new, I still do not configure my page well, but I will do it step by step.
Thanks for your tips.
Greetings from Argentina!

9 months ago

Booking.com collect payment on my behalf and they take funds approx one week before guest arrival. I also have a cancellation policy set at 5 days before arrival and if they don't show up or cancel in less than 5 days I still get the first night paid. Has worked very well. Also if a card is used that doesn't have funds or has expired bdc contact the guest and if they don't sort it, bdc cancel the booking. Hope this answers a couple of different queries

9 months ago