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Guest did not arrived

Guest did not stayed in our apartment, Srce Dorćola/Heart of Dorćol/ in May but we received provision to pay for the period 25.05.2019-26.05.2019. We could not accept the guest and we told him as we also wrote to you since we renovated the apartment/the windows/ so we could not receive any guest for almost a month. The first and the last guest was in April 24th, for one night.  Why we received the bill for one night? Thank you, Mirjana Radosavljevic

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Adriano Gissi

Hi dear, if the booking was active, then you have to pay the commissions... if relocated the guest, then you can try to ask to void the commissions but I'm not sure they will do. Anyway the don't reply here so I suggest you to make a phone call to the customer service or send a message from extranet

3 months ago