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Guest didn’t pay for the cancellation fee. What should I do?

Customer didn’t pay after the cancellation which should be payable after the cancellation based on the policy. What should I do to charge him for this fee?

E Kaiser 3 years ago

Hello Isahanmo,

if it is stated in your policies, you can charge his credit card with your terminal. The credit card information can be found on the confirmation letter. If this doesn´t work, there is no way out. I´m afraid that you will never receive the money.

Good luck !

Isahanmo 3 years ago

Thanks for your comment!

Yes, its stated in the policies that we are charging 50% of total price if guest will cancel booking 7 days before arrival, and 100% before 1 day.

Anyway, thanks.

Because our property is well ocupied and we are not accepting other guests because of the reservation on booking.