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Guest got the benefit of 1-day Fully flexible cancellation by only paying for 1 day of Fully flexible rate

I recently created and extra "Fully flexible" rate for people who are prepared to pay more for the benefit of cancelling 1 day before their arrival instead of the "Flexible" 60 days.

Well, it seems one of my guests found a workaround, since they only selected 1 day as "Fully flexible rate" and the other 7 days as "Standard rate" and still got the benefit of 1-day cancellation.

How can I change the pricing of all the days to "Fully flexible", so it's fair?

Thank you!

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi welcome 


  1. Friendly suggestion rename that profile name to a short name for the property or your own name, its wayyyy tooo long. and sentences are not names :)  
  2. For this topic I would strongly suggest call BdC support and then afterwards come back and let us know the outcome and what fixed it. 



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Newcastle Acco… 1 year ago

Hi, I just reported the same issue to my Account Exec.  Seems to be an error with the Rate Mixing logic.  It is meant to apply the most restrictive cancellation policy, but doesn't seem to be.