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Guest has not paid for 2 guests



I have a guest arriving soon and they have only booked for 1 person.  However, they have messaged me saying that they are travelling as 2.  I have messaged them back to ask that they cancel their booking and rebook as 2 people, but they haven't done it.  What should I do?





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Sonstbbs 3 years ago

Hi Anna,

I have rooms that are bookable for either single occupancy or as a double....people don't read...they book the cheaper (single occupancy) then think they can blag it by turning up as a couple thinking you'll just roll over.

So double check their original booking and if it reads 1 guest then message them back and say (as I have done in the past) :

Just to clarify, you mentioned 'we' in your message to me. Your booking is for single occupancy at a cost of £ (whatever their booking is) and for double occupancy the reservation will be £ (whatever you charge)

You could also put they can cancel without penalty if this is not what they're looking for.

If you are still happy to receive them print out their booking reservation or at least have it on screen to show them the mistake.

If he is still adamant call while they are there with you and they can speak to the guest.

Hope this helps