Guest no one would want

So, a guest makes a reservation for the up coming holiday weekend here in the UK and guess what,even though it is clear there is a down payment needed for the first nights room rate the guest thinks it is appropriate to submit an invalid Debit card with no available funds.

After marking the card as invalid I also text the guest to let her know her reservation will be cancelled unless she submits a card with available funds.five minutes later I get a call telling me I was a dreadful person and that she the guest does this all the time on Booking.com because she might want to change her mind at the last minute and it was her right to do so.

As you can imagine my patience was wearing very thin so I politely told her, Madame please read the terms and conditions you have agreed to either update or cancel.

Please read the text I was sent by this charming lady who will no doubt carry on behaving like this because booking.com allows it.


"I am going to report you for threatening to report my card I can hold back the money until closer to the date as I may want to cancel as I have every right to.I will be reporting your attitude to booking.com I've recorded you"

Five minutes later she cancelled no doubt to do the same to other accommodation providers.

She had more chance of sleeping with Donald Trump at the white House than getting a room at my place.

Aaltje B.

Agree, David. The booking system of BDC needs upgrading!


Aaltje B.