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Guest Payments


Could you please advise when I will receive payment for the bookings?

Thank you in advance!

Jenna Jackman


Hi Jenna

You have posted this on the Partner forum but you need to contact the help team.  Use the Inbox icon on Extranet to email and you can select which team you want to contact.



Hi Jenna,


Welcome to the partner community , addressing partners only , who will try help or steer you in right direction.


  •  What payment type did you setup ? 
    • Payments by where they take prepay for you
    • If yes what payout option did you set ?
      • If monthly its 15th of the next month and can take a few days.
      • If by weekly periods over a month, then is usually every 9 days, again with a SEPA transfer clearance time.
  • You can actually determine the periods and payout by looking at Extranet Finance Menu.
    • Under Invoices, you will see the month , then a row for each weekly period, at end of which they are proceed tyhe next day and usualy in bank 48 hours later.
  • Contacting BdC
    • Correct location for partner phone or message is :
      • Inbox, Messages, right pane, click See contact options.
  • Finance Menu - check how you get paid
    • make sure you entered the SEPA bank info , check Getting Paid.


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Kind Regards