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Guest refund

I have a guest who is asking to get full refund for a booking in May due to Coronavirus concerns in Northern Italy. The location of my apartment is not in any restricted zones and the cancellation does not qualify for full refund due to extenuating circumstances. How should I respond to the guest?


Ultimately it's up to you but for me I'd ask for proof of cancelling flights and any other properties if booked.

If provided then I'd oblige.



Hi Pheonix,


Based on the info shared you have two options:



1. Hold Fire and Wait until April. 

As May is long time away this could be construed as putting the cart before the horse and totally unnecessary.



I would for now just tell them to wait until April 1st, then simply visit the BdC partner page for the COVID-19 announcements, and at that point make a decision to cancel and refund but not before.



This way as they do not qualify for a refund they have the option of waiting to see if they can travel closer to the dates.



2.  Refund Now based on your Cancellation Policy Only.

If they insist on cancelling now anyway , then just proceed as you normally would. i.e. your normal cancelation policy terms and conditions.


Kind Regards