Guest Refunds ( After Cancellation)

Hi Community, 

We have requested a guest cancellation and waiving of fees, which in turn they agreed to.

Can anyone tell me when Booking.com would send the appropriate refund into their account ?

Many Thanks 


Did they cancel the booking? 

Did they accept your request after you sent them a "Request to cancel reservation" via extranet and you agreed to waive the fees? If yes then refund will be issued automaticly. 


Margarita Mačiūnė

Booking is a new platform to me... And didn't send a request to cancel. Instead, I told the guest there will be no hot water on a couple of days of their stay and said I would understand cancellation. So they cancelled.... Is there a way to refund now?


Pretty please don't reply to year old topic, make a new one.


The standard is up to 10 working days.


But always get the guest to initiate it via their account, select request waiver, you get notifications,  you accept, and you are done.

Assuming they prepaid bdc and not you, the system does full refund then.

Honeypot Guest House

Hi Pibmarco and thank you, that is correct and I was keen to know when a refund would be issued , ie how long they would have to wait ?

Thanks for your speedy response




I beleive the guest was notified from BDC regarding the refund after they accepted your request. For the estimate time I don't know. Perhaps you should contact Booking.com for this information. 

Dusty van schalkwyk

Hi guys do you know how long it takes for a guest to receive a refund once they have cancelled their own booking (no cancellation fees) ?