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Guest reserved for 2 weeks, but left after a few days and wants refund for days she reserved but didn't stay

Hi to all. I have a guest the reserved a room for 2 weeks, but left after only staying 1 week, and now she wants a refund for the days she didn't stay in the room. What can I do here? The hotel owner did not want to give her cash, but told us to manage it though booking, what can I do?

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Leandri Klopper

Hey there,

Not sure if you have resolved this? 

Sounds like a tough one but open and close case of "No". Check on which policy she booked and keep her to it. If it says Non-refundable then you just inform her that she booked on that policy and therefore you will not be refunding her.

If she gets upset, click that lovely "Report Guest Misconduct" button on her booking via extranet and let guest relations step in. 

Sorry for the trouble though.. guests... some of them are great and other questionable :-P 

Keep well!

4 months ago