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A guest said they paid with a credit card. It didn't get credited to me.

I wrote to the admin but they told me to put it on the forum, which doesn't make sense to me. Anyway, The girl came at 7 am and I was totally surprised to see her in the house. So I asked her which room she reserved and showed her the budget room for $15 minus the Indian discount on the booking platform. She said, "I need a private bathroom." so I took her to the nicer room listed at $25 minus the Indian discount. So, she leaves the next day and refuses to pay because she said she paid online. Well, I cannot look someone in the eye and call them a liar, so she leaves without paying. Now the admin tells me to put the problem on the forum. 

Does anyone know what I can do? Not only this, but she put a 3.8 review. Her main gripe from the reference is because it wasn't located in the next town over so she could walk to the temples.

We only got about 4 guests in the entire month from Booking. Is anyone else not getting many bookings or is it just me?

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Leandri Klopper 3 years ago

Hi Frugaltravelsnepal ,

Thanks for posting, wow that's horrible.

I'm based in South-Africa. A lot of my guests tell me that they did Pay online. But, here is the thing, they've only loaded their card details onto the booking. What they don't understand, and this Might be what happened to your guest, is that we still need to deduct funds from the card they loaded (if they didn't do a virtual payment, in which case would have been made aware and would have told you).

In regards to not wanting to tell someone to their face that they are lying.. I'd rather ask the uncomfortable questions rather than lose the payment. If someone walks out of a store with a Toy they didn't pay for and claim that they did pay... the security guard asks to see the Slip. It's the same with hospitality. As long as you do it with grace.

I'm not sure how to help you about getting the payment from her now that she is gone, perhaps just check her booking and make sure she didn't load card details (because then you can just deduct the payment). For the future, do not take it at face value when a guest says something.

She probably gave you a bad review because she knew she didn't pay... people can be cruel. Can you report guest misconduct? Just to get the attention of and to block her from doing this to someone else. (You have 7 days after check out to report it)

Best of luck!

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Sara Jarvis 3 years ago

Leandri so true what you answered Frugaltravel , as guest choose our locations it’s the one thing we can never be responsible for.I too have just been marked down on location, by a French couple, I’m in the heart of London they KNEW where they were booking as did the Indian guest who left without paying at Frugaltravel......who also thinks she hasn’t been paid......that is why I prefer BDC to handle all my payments there is no dispute then.

People can be cruel and devious,, an Italian couple knew the tricks ,they arrived and one told the other ‘if we complain about something we can go to a hotel and she will have to pay’ .....I heard and understood their plan and it worked.......they did not check we speak many languages.Mostly guests are honest but not always.

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Sandnes Fjord … 3 years ago

I had the same problem. A lots of guests said they paid online, but nothing into my account. I applied to the support - but there are not any good services. They seems to only bother with invoices to me - on bookings - but no good service. I found a lots of guests that I thought had paid last year, but nothing into my account. Only once I got help from booking, and than it was a polish couple that said they had paid, but I had to argue with booking to get them to send a reminder to the polish couple. Than the polish couple transferred with IBAN - SWIFT and had to pay extra fees - and it became not a good feedback for my camp. Still I am waiting for answer from support. Not good experience.