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Guest TAX and Name/Surname information for tax purposes

For tax purposes (monthly declaration of each transaction), I need ASAP the TAX Identification number (AFM in greek) and Name/Surname information of a recent guest. Where/How can I find it?

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Klonarakis Giannis


You can find this in:


  1. VAT Reg for - on latest invoice top right, found in Docs & Invoices,…  
  2. Guest Full Name - Location on the Reservation details page.…  

If any other or not clear, please use the BdC Support team contact guide below.

Kind Regards, Be Safe Be Well


PS: your partner profile is incomplete, missing listing URL, please update to it as it can at times greatly help us help you when the time comes.


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BdC Support Team HowTo: Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide