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Guest thinks they have paid and taking their side .. help!

Hello, I own a small one bed room apartment which and I use among other channels.

A guest contacted me worried that I had taken part payment for a booking from her card. I checked with my credit card company and my channel manager and both confirm no payments have been taken.

Guest seems to think they opted for the 'per-authorisation' option when booking, but it doesnt state this on the booking.

Anyway, guest has provided a bank statement which shows money debited from her account and sent this to The transaction reference does not match that of my credit card company, instead it's my name and the property name.

So are threatening me to make a refund, but I have not taken any money. I have provided with my credit card company statements, channel manager statements and their response was that I could have more than one credit card company.

Each time I phone booking i get a different person, have to explain it through to them again and they are never willing to listen to me or read through my emails. They are often very rude on the phone.

I am very worried about all of this and i'm sure the guest is too. Has anyone ever come across this and what I should do? They said the next step is that they will refund the guest and debit the money from my account on my next invoice.

Thanks! :)

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If you are sure and have checked every avenue, channel, booking engine you use, then tell them to do a charge back its the next best thing, then you can match the cc card with date and statements you have.

It sounds like the guest hasnt stayed with you, so its a win / loose situation. The credit card company will send you a request for information regarding the said charge back giving you 28 days to get the docs to them to support your findings. In turn you will send a note to showing a charge back pending, they will give you a support ticket. The bank will debit it from your account until you provide supporting docs, Once the docs are rcvd, if you win you get a credit if not they debit.

So make sure gives you a support ticket and # and take it from there. Hope this helps


1 year ago