The guest's blame to our company

Booking number:: ***



Due to the system, the total amount which was shown was incorrect, so we sent a message to this guest that we cannot confirm this booking with this incorrect amount.

After that, we sent a cancellation request.

As for the total amount, we had not charged any amount to this guest, so we explained that there is no refund.


However, the guest is keep blaming our company as follows.


Please be informed that your customer service gets a failing grade

Please note that I am happy my booking was as I do not want to give you single penny of my business

Please be aware that I will post this experience on all of my top accounts for my readers to know what type of tragically customer service your business exhibits.

Ala Moana, I wish you nothing but the worst...because frankly that is what you deserve



Please confirm the message histories between this guest and our company.


We would appreciate it if you could let us know how we need to handle this guest.

Awaiting yours.





Welcome to the Partner Only  Forum, addressing only us not BdC support team.

Posting something like this will not result in any action at all.



  • Add your missing - View My Listing link into your partner profile so we can see it please. What country are you based in?  
  • The Price displayed is the price paid. This is the golden rule. You cannot cancel a booking based on that. You have to take the hit , learn from it, and fix it at its root cause.  
  • When is guest billed? How do you collect the booking rate?  
  • A vitriol guest response like that usually indicates one of two things or both:
    • 1- You mishandled it badly and badly communicated with the Guest.   
    • 2 - The Guest was obnoxiously rude and had no leg to stand on, i.e. their case was invalid.



Are using using BdC Online Payments or Payments By Booking ?

or are you directly using a guest CC info?


Look if the guest is still  interested in coming, eat humble pie and leave it alone, just appologise for the misunderstanding, and let the mbe.


If they are not going to come, ring BdC support to finialise the cancellation. You may end up paying for relocation .



Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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