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Guests didn't show up

Hello, I need some help because I don't understand something.
Someone from China booked 21 night at my apartments and they said they are going to be there from 03/05/2019, so from yesterday and they didn't show up. I have Partially refundable - 7 days policy but it seems I am not getting anything and they didn't show up. We prepared rooms and cleaned them ones more before they come, it there's supposed to be 23 of them and non showed up? Is there anything I can do to protect my self from this?

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Slavica Ivovic

Thank you M Adamopoulou, can you also tell me if there is a way to protect my self by asking guests to pay when they want to book using online payment of their choice, something like, if they want to book my property they have to pay to and when they check-out I ask for the money? I found option to allow them to pay online but I can't remove the option that I also accept cash, and I would like it all to go through booking website if possible. Or if you have some advice I would love to hear anything helpful :)
Thanks ones again!

1 month ago