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Guests don't like the apartment and decided to leave.

What can I do in this situation? Guests arrived at scheduled time but after 2 min they decided that they don't like it and left. I know commission is just a few bucks but it is not fair from their side. 

I didn't have similar situations before and of course apartment is the same like they saw it on the pictures.

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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

Their decision to leave is entirely their choice and may be nothing to do with your property. Maybe they had an argument on the way and are both grumpy. If you have put photos online and put a complete property description online, they knew what they were booking. If they choose to walk away, that is their choice.


Of course, if a guest doesn't want to stay, you are left with an empty room and no time for another guest to book. Why should you lose money because of someone else's decision? Charge them the full fee.


To ensure you always get paid, use Payments by and set all bookings to non-refundable. You will get paid every time, even if the guests walk away after 2 minutes.

Gondeville Gîtes 2 years ago


We set up taking 50%, non refundable to secure their booking ( make sure this is visible in fine print, policies etc.)

Then we ask for remaining payment 30 days before arrival.

Then if they cancel, do not show, leave, at least you have payment.

Good luck with future bookings.



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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago facilitates payments for me and I am fully satisfied.  My account is always credited in time and have no problems at all.

Thanks BDC!!!