Guest's early departure

Hello, I would like to ask how to solve this problem- my guest booked a room in our accomodation for 3 days, after arrive they decide to leave one day earlier. Accomondation has not been paid yet. Should I charge the full amount for the reservation or only the days when the guest was actually staying?

Thank you for the answer

Isle of Wight …

You have allowed a guest to stay and leave without paying??


If a guest books for 3 nights, they should pay for 3 nights. Once they have booked, you cannot take another booking for that property / room. You should not lose out because of their choice to leave early.


Charging cards after a guest has left is a bad move. If you read the community you will see lots of owners complaining that cards failed and they have lost money.


Protect yourself. If available, use Payments by Booking.com and set all dates to non-refundable. Guests will need to pay at the time of booking and once they have paid, you are guaranteed to get the money.