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Guests put wrong number of guests on booking

Hello everybody!

Looking for some help with a situation. Just this weekend we had a guest stay who booked a couple of months ago. On their booking they put 3 adults. 

When they arrived there was four of them.

Our pricing is set for a certain amount up to two people and then $25 per head for every guest over that.

So if they only paid for 3 guests yet they had 4 then we have a shortfall of $50 as they stayed for two nights, $25 per head x 2 nights = $50.

My question is what should I do to get reimbursed for the shortfall? Contact the guest or get Booking,com to deal with it?


Cheers and thanks in advance for any help.



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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Shaun Cullen


I think the first question one should ask and consider , is it worth the effort?


That pricing model, I think it creates more issues than it is worth versus a per room per night cost with a max occupancy.


If there was four then was this some sort of bunk room or did you split them into two different rooms?


I tried looking up your profile  here to see your property listing but you have not completed the profile by linking it there.


Please do so we can see how you are setup as it helps paint a better picture and very useful for others to have an informed and better info to help. 


Kind Regards, happy new year


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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

Yes, you should be reimbursed but it would have been better to deal with it face to face when they were there.  Then you could have politely said that there would be an extra payment.  Trying to get the payment now is possibly not worth it.  Maybe get some wording ready for next time so you are prepared.

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Aaltje B. 2 years ago

If your future guests take the "freedom" to book for more people then your property allows, then you take the "freedome" to say that you need more money. 

Some guests just try you out. Very naughty! 

If you allow this trick to happen more often, then the word spreads quickly and soon you will end up with repetitive situations and succesfully so if you don't do anything about it. 

Does your room / bed setup allow for more people, or did the extra guest bring in an extra mattress?

Let us know. 


Aaltje B. 

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Don Burns 2 years ago

When I encounter the same problem, I ask the guests to pay me in cash for the difference when they first arrive.


The guests will understand the extra payment due and I don't need to contact Booking,com for a reimbursement.

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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

More guests than booked for is a common problem when owners price per guest - they often book for 1 or 2 people to avoid paying extra.

I set pricing per property, so I get paid the same whether it's one person or 6 in a property. This solves all the problems .....

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

I have set my pricing also per property with a max occupancy of 4 guests.

Once a guest begged me for an extra bed and I charged him extra per night.

Keep well.