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Guiding Guests to make Payment

Hi Forum!

I hope you are all keeping well.

Can anyone help me, I'm struggling to find the information on this:

What steps must a guest take to load his/her credit card details onto their reservation After they have made the reservation? 

I've received many queries like this where the guest wants to now load their card details onto the booking after the reservation has been made but they don't know the steps, and sadly nor do I. I would really appreciate it if someone can list the steps for me (and I will send it to so they can add it to the their knowledge base...)

Looking forward to the responses!

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Thuild - Your …

Dear Leandri,

Usually, the guests link a card to their account, that will need to be updated in order for BDC to update the reservation.

However, I feel that there is or should be an option in their reservation tab where they can update their payment details as once a guest did that by himself without me or BDC asking for it.

So they can do it, it has to be one of these 2 options.

Maybe you can make a test booking and see how it works.

Good luck,

Zsolt -

10 months ago

I haven't run through the practice of my theory but I believe they can add or change credit card details under "modify booking".
I haven't checked because it doesn't apply to me.

10 months ago
Leandri Klopper

Hey you two,

Thanks for your responses.

I know it's possible because I've received bookings without card details and then suddenly the guest loads card details for me to process. Question is what steps did they take?

fluff Do they log onto, log in, and click on Modify Booking?

Hmmm Zsolt, I think I'll make a booking at my own property and see if I can see it.

If you've ever held on to speak to you would know that voice recording playing that says something along the line of "Go to my reservation at" It's all very confusing.

I'll see if more partners share, otherwise I will go and test it myself and post feedback.

Thanks again!

10 months ago

Yes , the customer needs to log in to their account to make any changes under " modify booking ".

10 months ago
Leandri Klopper


Okay so, wow this took me long. I made a booking and went on a hunt for that Modify Booking sweet spot where I can add a credit card.

If a guest confirms a booking without loading a card from the start, then the Update credit card button, Does not exist. The guest will need to contact to have the option of loading a card onto the booking:

How to load a card onto a reservation that was booking without one:
1. Go to
2. Scroll down to Get In Touch
3. Enter your booking details
4. Request a link from to enable payment by card.
5. As soon as they have sent the link, you will be able to follow the below instructions.

If you already have a card loaded and it was invalid or you want to change it here's the steps:

How to load/update a card on a booking that was booked with another credit card:
1. Go (No www in front of that).
2. Click on Manage a Booking
2. Log in using your booking number and 4 digit pin code
3. Top left corner -> Update Credit Card
4. You can also see it middle right -> Update credit card (If it was marked invalid, the text color is orange)

There you go. That only took almost 2 hours of my life just now but I think it will save many hours of my life in the future considering how many guests ask me how to go about loading their card onto a booking which never had a card on.

Thanks for everyone's input!

10 months ago