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Has anyone experienced guests not understanding policy?

My financial policy on Booking is that guests pay at the check-in, at the property, and I do not accept credit cards, only cash. They DO, however, have to introduce their credit card details to be pre-authorised by Booking, as a guarantee. As a new host on Booking, I do not get to see their credit cards details or charge them anthing.
This has sparked a big misunderstanding with my first guest who insisted she paid by credit card and did not owe me anything. I have shown her my property page, stating clearly I only accept payments in cash and Booking pre-authorisation is as a guarantee. Also I showed that I don’t have any card or bank account linked to my property.
She wasn’t very convinced about it but reluctantly accepted to pay, after long discussions.
Has anyone else experienced this confusion? I am new to Booking but I’ve worked in the past with other hosting platforms and guests were clear on payment method.
I am worried this negative experience will influence the review she’s going to give my property, as she may believe I’m trying to overcharge her. I’ve kindly let her know the policy and asked her to contact Booking for further clarifications and her bank to see if anyone has actually taken any money from her card.
Is there any way Booking can provide an official document stating they have to pay at check in, so I can avoid this situation? Thank you x

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Thuild - Your …

Dear Olimpia,

This was a guest issue, not a policy issue.

I worked for half a year or more at the beginning with just cash payments at check-out. Never had issues that someone didn't get it, although I did send everyone a message to their reservation that we only accept cash.

That would be your best bet.

The official documents is the reservation confirmation on which the paid or not paid reservation detail is written.

Your guest clearly didn't get it how it works.

I have my website which takes the CC info and some guests thought that I charge them when they do a reservation, therefore some avoided booking and some didn't read the notice "you are not being charged right now" on almost every page.

It's just their ignorance, nothing more.

Best of luck,

Zsolt -

11 months ago