Has anyone had a response from booking.com re compensation?

Hi everyone,

have you had a reply from b.c re late payment compensation i want my april commission returning to me. 

what are your thoughts?

Radar Kid

Hi Capt.

I still working on getting paid before I start requesting compensation and an apology for this fiasco.

I will keep you posted on how i get on.

If I dont get compensation, i will be taking a claim for breach of contract against BDC.



I'm also still waiting on my payment - still no response to my email on this matter. Very poor service indeed!


Hi Li did you get paid in April in the end.

OMG i feel your pain, worrying about Mays payment know.

Radar Kid, I hear you got yours thankfully


Nope - I still have not received payment for April's bookings. Was sent a 'proof of payment' and told to ask my bank to trace it which I did on Saturday and the bank told me they cannot trace it from this, so another message back to BDC. Absolute nonsense. I've been with BDC for about 4 years now and never had this problem before. Also very annoyed at the complete lack of response or assistance with this, so I plan on going up the BDC chain with my complaint!