Haven't received payments for one property since August

Hello Everyone

I'm really desperate here. My one property had had 7 bookings during August and September and I still have not received my payments. They are all well past the 10 day payment period.  I have logged over 5 tickets and made 4 calls the finance support line. Each time, except for the last one, they promised to call me back and never did. On the last call on Friday, I  was assured that payment would be made on the12th of October but of course, nothing happened. They claimed there was some "issue" that payments didn't go through. 

Now when I look on my account, I see the following message "Payout on hold. You have an outstanding balance that needs to be cleared." Not sure how this is possible because they deduct their commission from my nightly rate.

To put things in context, I have another property linked to the same account that gets weekly payments as it's supposed to and the issue is not with my bank.

Any help would be welcome, I dont know what to do anymore.

Andrea Nieman

Brooks, don't you think I have done that already before I posted this message as a last resort?

Did you not read that I have called them several times and logged even more tickets over the past month?

They simply DO NOT get back to any queries. 

Would you be happy not receiving your payments for the past three months?



Hi Andrea


That still does not change reality, nothing you post here will be seen by them.

You are only Addressing Partners here.


Sorry its taking them so long. 


I would keep messaging them via the Extranet inbox every 2 days.

saving the message to notepad and simply copy paste it in each time .


Kind Regards


Mindelo Beach House


I have sent the an extranet message twice, sent a even a complaint. More then 8 calls already so far nothing.

The Call Center operators told me that they even haven't read any msg that i have sent since the 24th of September.



We could take 2 approachs.

1. Serious and traditional way.

Taking legal actions with our own lawyers cause their arbitration cost is joke! 997.50€+VAT and 309.75+VAT per hour!


2. Or probably most effective and creative.

In my case i don't have much time during the week to be hanging on the phone i could just pre-recorded message and use my pbx to auto dial 100 calls per minute and increase until it's no longer possible their staff to answer a single call in my country (probably under-staffed anyway).

My outbound CID is always changing it's not possible even for them to block the phone number to ring on their call centers because booking.com IVR system does not have an automatic authentication method to validate the partners ID therefore the phone will always be redirect to an operator.

So a simple routine like that could cause a major stress on their system, as result all the customer/partners services would be out of reach for quite some time answering a bot and dropping the call.

Since they reply like bots it's only fair that we complaint like one too, right?

I'm open to any other ideas?