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Help with Canceled reservation guest.

Hello, i need some help to know what should I need to do now if my first guest cancel his reservation. I read the conditions in the platform which says that the guest needs to pay for the total reservation if he cancels it. I dont have a bank account in the system for him to transfer me the money. What can we do ? 

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi George Bastos

Welcome to Partner Community.

Firstly you have not finished your partner profile, one very crucial item that helps us help you with questions like this is missing.


PROPERTY LINK - see link below


So as with many new timers, mistakes are made, getting started partner help section is not read etc..


You must have a plan for how to get paid and how to handle cancellations first before going live. These are fundamental concepts that need to be addressed first.


As you are new I reccommend you :

1.  Finance > Getting Paid , - enable Payments By

2. Enter your IBAN for receiving payments after commission and gateway fee.

3. Policies - Enable all rates t obe prepaid by all guests, along with phone number and afull address.

4. Policy -Cancellations

... Non refundable as pay in full or 50% if x days prior to check in.

....Last minute and no show - prepaid, no refund.



Sign up for a device and a virtual terminal service.

The VT service will let you do deposits in advance etc directly with the guest.


Note: deposits have nothing to do with BdC, and are subject your own Terms & conditions. 

Guest cannot ask to get their deposit refunded. Thats illegal.


Beware of chargebacks - Payments by negates this .


Kind regards


Contact BdC Support via :

Extranet - Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods

Would love to see your property listing, but it is missing from your partner profile, please take a moment to add it. It can in many topics help us help you more efficiently.

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