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Help!! a guest has booked for a month and the prepayment option is unavailable


Im new to  and recently found that a person has booked my apartment for a month in july 2020... but he has the option to cancel his reservation 14 days before the arrival....since i dont have the option to secure prepayment... i feel vulnerable since he can cancel at any time...considering that july is a busy month...what can i do? ask him to reduce his booking time? ask him to cancel it? 


when will i have the prepayment option available instead??  


thanks for your help!

M Adamopoulou

Hi Oscar and welcome to the Partner Community.

Maybe you should send your guest a  message asking him if he has any additional requests so you can start a conversation with him and maybe find out his real intentions.

I also had same problems so I changed my policies so that guests cannot book my property more than 2 months ahead since I had too many cancellations from reservations made ahead in time.

Hope this helps you.