help, I am overbooked

Hi, is there anybody who can tell me what to do, I am overbooked. My calender in Airbnb and Booking.com

where not synkronised fast enough and now I have 2 bookings for the same days.

What to do?

Adriano Gissi

Hi dear, you can find an alternative for your guests by your own or you can contact booking.com let them relocate for you. But this choice could be expensive for you, as the guest may take advantage of the situation. I suggest to find a same place with same rate (or agree with them) and tell the guest that due to a problem you unfortunately have to relocate him. Last chance, if it's a booking with credit card, you can try to denie the credit card



Automatic sync by AirBnB and/or Booking.com have always a delay....

Even when doing the sync manually, most off the time it is not working.

So always close your dates manually to be 100% sure.