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Help - not payed yet

Is anyone else having problems getting paid?  I have continually phoned and sent several emails but still not been paid or had any explanation.  My bank confirms they have not received any money.  I am currently on hold (30 minutes) trying to get through to finance! 

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Sheena Laird


While I too have noticed yet another strange situation with the Fiancne Menu > Docsa & Invoices View in the last 2 weeks.


Where balance due is not black but in fact red and minus, I am not aware of anything else.


I did ask BdC Support via message to look into and reply, for the first time in ages I have yet to get a reply. Normally I get same day or 48 hours later, its now been over a week.


If they dont reply by 16th august they wont be getting paid commission.