Help please


I have a reservation from 5 to 9 june 2019. My guest asks to move it from 19 to 23 june,(work problems) I have availability for the new dates, but my guest says he's not able to change the dates. He says he has already been charged the amount and that if he cancels he loses the full amount. If I receive the reservation amount (***) 172,00 euros I could ask the guest to cancel and host it without making a new reservation. It's correct?

Thank you por yur help


Stringybarkhills 2 years ago

Hi Bruna,
It is m understanding that while the guest has given BDc their credit card details, no money is actually deducted till after the stay date. Therefore they should be able to cancel for free and then rebook without it costing them double the money. However this does depend upon your cancellation policy and the way you have it set up to take a payments.