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Help to refund for guest

Hello partner,

We need to help from Omega Da Nang beach hotel.

We receive a booking with booking number is *** , but they want to cancel because of corona virus issue.

They contact us via message on website. We accepted it.

But when they cancel, website still charge fee them. 

Can I ask about this situation? 

Did you receive this amount? and can you refund for this guest?

Thank you.

Aaltje B.

I would contact the team, Le Kim Ly, if you need something like this solved. 

Go to the extranet, inbox and contact   

This is a platform for exchange between hosts only. 

There are special rules in place now that deal with this kind of situations. 

Have a look under the help section. 

Hope this will guide you to the right answer. 



Aaltje B. 

New Zealand. 


Community Admin

Hello Le Kim Ly! Thank you for posting in the Community! The refund process of the cancellation fees depends on your payment model. If is handling payments on your behalf, then you will have to contact us via your Extranet with the reservation number in order for our customer service agents to assist you further. Best of luck!